Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility


Tehran Gamma Iradiation Facility

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The radiation facility located at Tehran is equipped with a gamma irradiation system and has been responsible for sterilization and microbial decontamination of medical, hygienic, herbal and spice products for three decades. In order to assure the quality of its services, the facility is utilized with microbiology, polymer, food and dosimetry laboratories.

Irradiation Section:
This section includes control and irradiation rooms as well as product storerooms. This section is responsible for receiving, tagging, storing, irradiating and releasing the products and packages delivered from customers (food, medical equipment manufacturers and etc.). In the irradiation system, the products are packaged in boxes and transported to the irradiation room by a conveyor. The conveyor system in the irradiation room consists of four-level totes. The boxes containing the products are loaded in the totes in the loading section and are circulated around the gamma source (cobalt 60) to be irradiated at each of every four levels along a specified path.


Laboratory Section:
Laboratories can provide irradiation quality control services:
Microbiology and foods laboratories: The labs can provide microbial load measurement, appropriate minimum and maximum dose determination, and making decisions regarding the effects of irradiation on the products. These are equipped with laminar fume hoods, autoclaves, ovens, chemical hoods, incubators (generally CO2 with fridge), colony counters, and etc.
- Polymer laboratory: material identification, determination of material strength against radiation, and maximum dose. This lab is equipped with Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), compression, thermal analysis (DSC), molecular mass calculation, and chemical hoods.
- Dosimetry lab:
measurement and control of irradiation process, determination of required irradiation time for foods and medical instruments and so on, equipped with EPR and spectrophotometer.

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