Bonab Gamma Irradiation Facility


Bonab Gamma Irradiation Facility

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The design and construction of Bonab Gamma Irradiation facility started 2010 and in 2014 it has become operational. This facility is equipped with dosimetry, microbiology, and polymer labs. This facility compared to Tehran irradiation facility has more radiation capacity and more advanced conveyor system which makes lower dose irradiation possible.

Followings agricultural, industrial, and medical products are abundant in this region.

- Agricultural and horticultural products such as raisins, dried apricot and almonds, potatoes, onion, garlic, beans, and etc.

- Medical and sanitary products: syringes, sutures, sterilized gas, baby powder, cosmetics, and etc.

Table below shows overall specification of this facility briefly. It is used for sterilization of disposable medical instruments, food shelf life extension, and etc.

Gamma Irradiation Facility Specification

Facility Type

Pool Panoramic

Source Capacity

Capacity: 500kCi, Dose: 10kGy

Source Type

Cobalt 60

Max. Source Capacity


System Operation

4 mode Continual

Conveyor System

Power & Free Monorail

Package Dimension

45*45*45 cm

Max. Product Density

0.38 gr/cm3


2 meter Concrete

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