Qazvin Electron Irradiation Facility


Qazvin Irradiation Facility

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Qazvin Electron Irradiation Facility is located at Emam Khomeini Science and Technology Town of Qazvin province with 6 hectares in size. The most important section of this facility is its irradiator source which is an electron accelerator with power of 100 kW and maximum energy of 10MeV that is placed at accelerator vault.

Following pictures demonstrate different sections of Qazvin Electron Irradiation facility.

  • Electron Accelerator:

At the center of an irradiation facility, there is a high energy particle beam source. In gamma facilities, the radiation source is Cobalt-60 cells which emit gamma ray, while in electron radiation facilities, the source is a high power and energy accelerator placed at the accelerator vault. 

  • Irradiation Section:

Accelerated electrons move to beam exit window. In this section, electron beam sweeps a defined rectangular area alternatively. The products needed to be irradiated move to this area and gain the required dose.   

  • Auxiliary System Room:

Auxiliary accelerator systems such as high voltage transformers, cooling systems, ozone extraction and etc. are placed at this section.

  • Control and Monitoring Room:

In this room, control and monitoring systems as well as power supply cabinets of the irradiation and product handling systems are stored. All accelerator parameters including beam current, power, vacuum intensity, scan length and etc. are monitored.

  • Product Handling and Conveyor System:
Under no circumstances do personnel enter the irradiation room during BEAM ON status. Due to that, products must be handled and transferred by an automatic conveyor system to avoid radiation hazard. Loading and unloading can be done in the storehouse.
  • Product Storehouse

Storehouse is divided into two sections: irradiated and non-irradiated product section. 

  • Office Rooms and Labs:

Office rooms and laboratories are located beside the storehouse.

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